Alert Program Companion Game

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Alert Program Companion Game is finally here!!!

If you are geared up to use what you’ve learned through the Alert Program, this enticing board game is for you!   The 18″ x 18″ board captures children’s imaginations with colorful illustrations and landmarks along their road trip. Four cars, one die, and three sets of cards are included in the game box.

For those that are unsure of the Alert Program it is an innovative program that supports children, teachers, parents, and therapists to choose appropriate strategies to change or maintain states of alertness. Students learn what they can do before a spelling test or homework time to attain an optimal state of alertness for their tasks. Teachers learn what they can do after lunch, when their adult nervous systems are in a low alert state and their students are in a high alert state. Parents learn what they can do to help their child’s nervous system change from a high alert state to a more appropriate low state at bedtime. It is a great program that teaches a child how their “engine” runs and how they can best regulate the speeds their body is running at!

Highly Recommend you speak to your OT, Psychologist or other Health Professional to learn to more 🙂


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