Aroma-Breeze Diffuser


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Product Description


Inspired by the colours of nature, the Aroma-Breeze feautres a captivating colour changing light which can also be set or switched off. When the light is off the Aroma-Breeze becomes a neutral white tone, blending gently with your décor.

These coupled with our essential oils have wonderful health and healing benefits, whilst bringing beauty into your space.

This awesome range of diffusers, operate with just a few drops of essential oil plus water added to the unit. The ultrasonic technology utilises high frequency vibrations to atomize the liquid. Each micro sized droplet is coated with a fine layer of the essential oil. This cool mist becomes a cool vapour which spreads evenly throughout the room, and is easily inhaled and absorbed. With NO Heat and auto switch off, these units are safe and family friendly.

All our diffusers offer 5 in 1 multi functions.

  1. Ultrasonic Diffuser / Vaporiser: Ultrasonic vibrations retain essentials oils in their purest form which is then easily enhaled into the limbic system (the centre for stored emotions and memories), where healing can occur. Our Ultrasonic Technology makes for the perfect cool mist vaporiser, producing no heat and no condensation!
  2. Ioniser: The water vibrates at 2.4 million Hz/sec creating negative ions. Negative ions help remove dust and bacteria in the air, assisting breathing and improving sleep.
  3. Air Purifier: Negative Ions + Essential Oils dispersed into the air help destroy airborne viruses and bacteria improving your environment.
  4. Humidifier: The cool mist emits a light moisture into the air to combat dryness without creating dampness.
  5. Mood Light: Each of our diffusers have unique mood lighting functions which can be ‘set’ or ‘switched off’(ideal for sleeping).

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