Aroma Elm Diffuser


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Product Description

Innovative & stylish the Aroma Elm Diffuser is a cool-mist ultrasonic diffuser/vaporiser features a large 300ml water capacity, long running time and is perfect to use in your home, bedroom or office. Inspired by nature, the Aroma-Elm represents the strength, durability and presence of the respected Elm tree.

The Aroma Elm Diffuser is available in a range of colours and finishes, perfect to suit your decor style. It features both our unique ‘breathing’ light, or colour changing lights which may be set to a specific colour or switched off. These combined features make this diffuser perfect to use everyday and while sleeping!

Some benefits of using your Aroma-Elm

* Improves Sleep

*Relieves Tension and Stress

*Opens the airways, improves breathing

*Boosts your mood

*Calms emotions

* Improves mental clarity

*Provides pain relief

*Improves Concentration

*Provides pain relief

Additional Information

Weight 0.001 kg

Rose Gold, Bronze Metallic, Black Matt, Oak Wood Look

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