Books: A quest for social skills for students with Autism and Aspergers


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With inclusive education becoming the norm in schools nationwide, teachers often struggle to address students_ non-academic needs_but teachers need ready-to-use lessons that won_t interfere with their curriculum. QUEST (Questioning, Understanding, and Exploring Social Skills and Pragmatic Language Together) is a social skills program created to help middle school students with ASD who struggle with pragmatic language and social skills. Developed by a school social worker and speech language pathologist, the program uses an intensive, proactive approach to teaching social skills, combining written instruction with games, activities, and student interaction. QUEST covers: Greetings, Paying Attention, Daily Hygiene, Asking for Help, Understanding Feelings, Getting Angry/Calming Down, Managing Stress, Starting a Conversation, Making and Keeping Friends, Gossip, Bullying, and Teasing, Resisting Peer Pressure, Dating, Internet and E-mail Safety, and many more! Best of all, the book includes a CD of printable worksheets, letters, forms, and more!

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