Double Cacoon


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Product Description

At Ø 1.8 m, the Double Cacoon hanging chair is for two adults stretched out or blissed out!

And if the kids must… imagine a joey in a kangaroo’s pouch – now see your kids in a Cacoon. Throw in a couple of teddies and… heaven!

If it comfortably holds two adults, imagine how many kids could clamber in. So you may want to hide it when your kids’ friends visit (or make sure what you hang it from will support their weight).
It looks great in the house, the garden or anywhere else you can think of. So, even if you’re tempted to chill out, go; get up and take it on an adventure.
Diameter    Ø 1,8 m
Ring    Anodised aluminium 6030 & 6005
Fabric    285 g/m2 with 35 % coton and 65% Polyester
UV performance    UV performance
Water repellent    Yes
Anti mould and bacteria treatment    Yes
Carabiner    Galvanized iron with loading capacity of 720 kg
Hanging system    Nylon rope 12 & 8mm (Resistance of 2000 & 1400 Kg)
Loading capacity    Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging space required – floorspace    Minimum space of 1,9 diameter – ideal 2,55 diameter
Hanging space required – headroom    Minimum height of 2,45 meter – ideal height of 2,8 meter
Cacoon storage bag    Ø25 x 80 (l) cm
Weight of product    6 kg
Individual carton packaging    80 (l) * 25 (h) * 12 (w) cm / 6,5 Kg
Tripod stand compatible    Yes


Also Available in Songo, Bonsai and Single

Accessories Available: Single and Double Bugnets, Tree Loop, Wooden and Metal Tripod

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Weight 1 kg

Taupe, Light Blue

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