Gelli Baff Sensory Play

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Product Description

Gelli Baff is a totally unique, fun, bath time product that lets you turn water into goo and back again!By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you create a thick colourful goo. Add a second ‘dissolver’ powder, to turn the goo back to water!

These super fun products are available in Original Gelli, Glitter Gelli, Gelli Crackle, Gelli Slime or Gelli Snow!!

We have Gelli Baff Original available in Swamp Green, Lava Blast Red, Lagoon Blue and Princess Pink.

We have Glitter Gelli Baff that is super cool available in Princess Pink.

Make your bath water crackle and pop with Gelli Crackle magical popping dust. Sprinkle some over your water and watch it bubble.

Make bath time fun with Slime Baff and turn bath water into a gooey slime. When the fun is done simply turn the taps back on to dilute the slime. Slime Baff gives children a fun bath time, does not block drains and is kind on skin. Available in Gunky Green, Oozy Red and Goo Blue.

Gelli Snow is perfect play time fun, mix the powder with water and stir stir stir until your water turns to snow!! Amazing!!


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Gelli Baff Original, Gelli Baff Glitter, Slime Baff, Gelli Crackle, Gelli Snow

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