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Product Description

Designed by Patricia Wilbarger, the Therapressure Brush is a fantastic tool in the treatment of sensory regulation.

It is often used to reduce sensory defensiveness or used as a tool for sensory and emotional regulation.

Featuring an easy to grip oval shape and high density bristles, the Therapressure brush is an highly effective calming tool.

The therabrush is run over the child’s skin, using very firm pressure (it is like a deep pressure massage).

Brushing starts at the arms and works down to the feet.

The face, chest, and stomach area are never brushed because these are very sensitive areas. Brushing these areas may cause adverse reactions including vomiting.

There is not much documented research on the Wilbarger Protocol. However, many parents of children with autism have reported seeing decreases in sensory defensiveness and anxiety as a result of using this technique.

Some of the benefits may include improved ability to transition between daily activities, improved attention span, a decreased fear or discomfort of being touched, enhanced coordination, better self-regulation and decreased time to regulate their emotions.

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Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3 cm
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